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As society progresses we are coming across new gadgets which is making our day to day work much easier. The normal household activities like dishwashing are been done by a dishwasher, grinding is done by a mixer grinder, similarly, the daily household washing of clothes is done very effectively by washing machines. Now you can buy the best washing machines online or from a retail store but you need to decide what you want to buy, a semi-automatic washing machine or a fully automatic one. In semi-automatic, you have some manual work of operating buttons and also if you want to use the dryer, you need to take the clothes and put them into the dryer to dry them separately.

So we have to keep in mind a few important features before we buy a semi automatic washing machine. The features are listed below:

  • As per your convenience and need, you can look for a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine. In case of the fully automatic washing machine, it will cost you more but will include many features and it will be trouble-free washing, you can do your other activities while washing is being done. However, in the case of a semi-automatic washing machine, you have to operate some work manually.


  • Budget is also a big factor while buying your washing machine. Just look out your requirement and go for fully automatic or semi-automatic. You can also buy washing machines online; the prices are very competitive when you purchase them online. You can get the best piece online with really good price as they can avoid the infrastructure cost and give you the best deals. You can buy semi-automatic washing machines online. This will cost at a reasonably low price.


  • Look out for load capacity of the washing machine. Families with more members need more load-capacity washing machines. So, in that case, you should go with the device with more load capacity. However, for small families, 6.5 Kgs of capacity is enough.


  • Look out for the material which is given for the drum. If it’s a plastic one the more possibility is that it might break during heavy wash of jeans or bed sheets. If possible try to look out for the machine which will have a stainless steel tub. Stainless steel will be the most robust and this will be everlasting.


  • Also, check about the spin cycle of the machine, you should only buy that machine which will have a spin cycle of at least till 1000rpm. If you are going to wash curtains, bedsheets or jeans you need at least a spin of 1000rpm to get an effective wash. For daily use washing, you can do it with 300-400rpm spin. So it’s really necessary to look the spin cycle.

Hopefully, the above features and requirements will help you enough to buy the best quality washing machines online. Whether it is a fully automatic or semi-automatic device, always consider that it offers rich features that can meet your purpose effectively.

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