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Buying a smart TV or LED TV is an occasion in Indian families, it is your hard-earned money and you will always want to buy the best possible product but of course, within your estimated budget. A few years back the market was flourished with LCD TVs. We all have heard that term but nowadays we may not find LCD TVs in the market and most of them are LED TVs, so we all must be curious and eager to know what are the basic differences between LCD and LED TVs. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the basic differences of an LCD TV and LED TV and why after the LED TV comes to the market the LCD TV is almost nonexistent.

Below are the four basic differences between LCD TV and LED TV:

  1. LCD is commonly known as Liquid Crystal Display. In this case, the screen does not produce any light from its own. The light has to be manufactured outside on the television itself. There are many numbers of fluorescent lights residing at the back of the screen which produces this light however in the case of LED it is commonly known as Light-emitting diodes they are the means which is required by the LED TV and uses to illuminate the images displayed on the television. This is the fundamental and main difference between LCD and Smart Full HD LED TV 40 Inch.
  2. Due to the difference in technology of lighting used in LED TVs, it always ensures that most of the LED screens are reasonably slimmer than LCD screens. The image quality is also much better, as with LED screens which are producing colors that are sharper and more realistic than LCD screens. It is also proven that LED technology significantly reduces the energy consumption of the smart TV unit. If we suppose that LCD TVs are more efficient than plasma TVs, 4k smart LED TV can be much more efficient than LCD.
  3. The screen size of a Smart Full HD LED TV can be much bigger than an LCD TV. Normally an LCD TV cannot have a screen size of more than 57 inches however a LED TV can go up to 90 inches.
  4. But last, not the least is the price factor, lots of LCD TV is much less than LED TV, you can estimate that the price difference can go up to 50% more in LED TV compared to LCD TV. However, nowadays due to improvement in technology and reduction of the price of raw materials cost of LED TVs have reduced significantly, So now a normal household can also avail its dream LED TV at much less price.

Apart from that sound is also a factor in LCD TV we have seen. You have to sacrifice the sound quality but in case of smart LED TV with built-in soundbar, the sound quality is awesome.

So, the above blog will help you to understand the basic difference between an LCD TV and LED TV. Now it’s completely your choice what priority you will give. You can give priority to price buy an LCD or if you are concerned in quality then buy an LED TV.

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