Date : 06 Apr 2021   Posted By : Daiwa

The TV market has changed drastically; both in terms of technology and price. New types of screens with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels and ultra-high definition (UHD, or 4K) have emerged replacing the 1080p standard we’ve become used to. The Indian Smart TV market is ready to develop on the rear of expanded Internet entrance […]

Date : 12 Aug 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Technology has come really far in terms of how good, fast, and polished; it is now in comparison to how it was around 5 years ago let alone what it was when our parents first purchased their idiot box. From being huge boxes with Cathode Ray Tubes and the least possible resolutions, Televisions have now […]

Date : 31 Jul 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Hearing ‘What a crisp white shirt you are wearing’, washes away all the painstaking washing, drying, ironing of the shirt, doesn’t it? Time is the best teacher, and while most of us have our own pre-set style and idea over how to best use our washing machine, there are certain mythhs which have come to […]

Date : 05 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Daiwa also announces partnership with dbx-tv sound technology for all its 4K TVs. Daiwa has launched two new Smart TV in the Indian markets. The Daiwa D43QUHS (109 cm) 4K UHD and D43QFS (109cm) FHD LED TVs are priced for Rs 24990 and Rs 21990 respectively. The TVs come with 2 Years Warranty and are […]

Date : 04 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Believing in creating his own roadmaps, Arjun Bajaj, the CEO & Founder of Daiwa India is one of the zealous entrepreneur who refurnished the company as one of India’s largest business. In an interview with Insights Success, Arjun Bajaj have shared some insightful views and highlighted the influences made by their company to be the […]

Date : 04 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

After the smartphone segment, the television market in India is becoming more and more competitive. While some OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are entering the TV segment, well-established brands are also launching their own smart TVs in the country. There are also manufacturers who have multiple brands under their name and one such company is Videotex. […]

Date : 04 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Smart TV market has picked up very well in last few years, especially last year, when we saw many global brands launched wide range of smart TVs for Indian market. Daiwa, the leading Indian brand has also penetrated much deeper in target market and has quickly captured significant market share. Arjun Bajaj, CEO & Founder, […]

Date : 04 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Arjun Bajaj, the CEO and Founder of Daiwa, says feeling frustrated in this lockdown period, is quite natural, however, that does not mean one can compromise health and fitness. Sharing his fitness routine with ET Panache, the television brand boss said, “Keeping that mantra alive in me, I have found my own unique routine, to […]

Date : 04 Jun 2020   Posted By : Daiwa

Videtoex (Parent Company of Daiwa and Shinco, Brand Licensee for Telefunken) extends 100% support to all its customers, even during Lockdown period.  The company apart from having fully functional  call center & 24*7 Mobile App service registrations, has also been working on adapting AI Chatbots, delivering more than just an answer. The AI chatbots would […]