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TV, you’d be either from the outer space or far-flung future to not hear this word literally; as the best nonetheless a revolutionary source of entertainment. But in terms of keeping your entertainment lively as ever, you should mark a few things on regular basis regarding your TV. Let’s see what-

Say no to water:

Though you undoubtedly care for your beautiful flat screen TV and keep it clean regularly, you should know that if you use water to wipe the screen, you are degrading its life. The moisture content from baby wipes or a wet cloth, even after wiping is still a lot that can cause functional issues. Instead to wipe the screen or for dusting, use Alcohol wipes.

Keep it cool:

Electronics emit own heat while operating and are not designed for high ambient temperatures. In that case, it needs an ambience with low temperature, cool to operate at the pinnacle of its efficiency. So, you need to make sure that the TV is placed at a location which is relatively less humid and cool.

Do not keep it switched on unnecessarily:

Whenever you leave the house for a long period of time, make sure you turn off the TV switch from the main plug itself. If you do not do so, the TV’s main circuitry keep on withdrawing power; however, it’s not being viewed so there is no channelling of that energy, which results into internal damage of the circuitry of the TV.

Dust it off!

Dust and unhygienic atmosphere in the room and close to the TV now and again can induce short-circuit causing non-recoverable damages. Moreover, avoid everything and anything that can be spilled. So keep its environment clean and hygienic.

Caution: Do not DISMANTLE on your own:

Do not at all intents dismantle your TV on your own; half knowledge is dangerous. So, if any of the issues have emerged, call the customer care service person to bring a solution and allow the person to resolve every issue you are facing. For not very meticulous operations such as external wirings or connecting more sources, make sure you read the manual at least once to understand the right plugs.

Avoiding your TV from damages from the above-mentioned issues, your TV reflects not just your favourite TV shows and movies, but also a superior quality of smooth working and long-lastingness.

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