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Witnessing dramatic changes in how talent is identified, onboard and supported, HR industry has now shifted to more evidence-driven from a traditional HR model. The increasing adoption of HR software has aided to streamline the data analytics process and expedite “Social connections”.


Today teams are the major building blocks of an organization. Henceforth, the focus of HR is shifting from individuals to teams. As most of the HR professionals aspire to become the strategic business partners, HR operations have also seen an upgrade that will continue with an inclination towards High Service Orientation.Also, redesigning the performance management cycle by more frequent feedback, from multiple sources; has become one of the major trends of the HR world.The focus of the performance consulting is to provide a concrete actionable feedback on ‘how to improve performance’. They look for personality, cultural fit and that can create capabilities.


Moreover, we see more and more clever HR tech solutions that have lived to the employee’s promises, but recently we see a trend to a shift back to a more employee-centric approach; which means, HR is returning to its roots and focuses more on employee experience.


How leadership contributes to a Company’s success, how to balance crisis situation?

Starting a business or being hired in a supervisory role doesn’t automatically denote leadership. Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony to steer the ship. The right kind of guiding hand can maximize output and reach goals while setting new ones. The wrong type of leadership can sink the whole company.A lot of people believe that the true leadership capacity of a person is tested during times of crisis. We believe the most important thing to do during a crisis is to maintain an example for your employees by keeping cool, calm, and collected, which will allow you to think about the curveballs being thrown your way.


When crisis strikes, it is essential to manage many relationships among many people,the ability, through inspiring others, managing conflicts, fostering teamwork, and other competencies, to moving people in the direction you desire. Each of these competencies requires self-awareness, self-control, and social awareness.


What are tools of employee retention?

Successful organizations realize employee retention is integral to sustaining their leadership and growth in the marketplace. Those that fail to make employee retention a priority is at risk of losing their top talented people to the competition.


Teams with reduced employee turnover develop a deep familiarity with the goals and objectives of the organization. They often become personally invested in the success of the team and company. By focusing on the skills and practices that maximize hiring efficiency and minimize employee turnover, managers promote employee retention and build stronger teams. Rewards have emerged as a powerful tool for employee attraction and retention. Armed with detailed knowledge about their employees’ wants and needs, today employers need to create programs that touch the employees’ needs and wants while being aligned to an organization’s financial realities, business goals and talent requirements.


How to balance employer and employee demands. What is the role of a CHRO as a leader in a company’s success? What are the steps taken for talent development by companies today?

The ultimate challenge to attain the smooth gears and balance the employer and employee demands is The Skills Gap, a mega trend that could take up its own long-term feature. It is at a grassroots level, and employers already have the approach they need to take. Employers need to connect with the potential future employees, teach in-demand skills. Moreover, as a leader in company’s success, CHRO will need to focus on building a culture of progress, chiefly if employees want to be prepared for the unrelenting renovations taking place in how people work. And when it comes to overcoming the skills gap, one of the biggest improvements could be a contingent workforce that brings the whole new set of challenges for HR leaders to contend with. It will turn out to be an exciting time where HR will help facilitate the understanding and development of the employee experience;and as it’s said, “Regardless of the success factors, the leader that sees the benefits of inclusions, paves its way to the top of the list”.


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