Washing Machine

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With the wide range of smart TV, daiwa gives you to explore the world of smart washing machines.Packed with innovations to make washing smarter and fasterSemi-automatic washing machines allows the person to pause between the wash cycles with use of less water for their clothes. Through daiwa’s app you can now buy washing machine online with your comfort and ease with the advantage of cash on delivery. Daiwa’s 8.5kg semi-automatic washing machine has a power saving feature with a spin dryer with 2-year warranty and 5-year warranty on motor.
Our high efficiency top load washer’s features washing machine. You can choose from the variety of washing machine with dryer and washing machine with spin dryer with the economical prices. Its spin cycle is 10 min and washes clothes in 35 min. view complete list of washing machines in our app or explore our website for more information.