Date : 12 Aug 2020 Posted By : Daiwa

Technology has come really far in terms of how good, fast, and polished; it is now in comparison to how it was around 5 years ago let alone what it was when our parents first purchased their idiot box. From being huge boxes with Cathode Ray Tubes and the least possible resolutions, Televisions have now become Smart LED TVs and have outsmarted us with its HD, FHD and UHD capabilities.

Why Should You Upgrade your TV Right Now?

  • Better TV, Same Price

From being a luxury meant only for the fortunate few, it has now come to become a necessity. Believe it or not, but even after adjusting for inflation, the average cost of the TV back then and today remains the same or even lower.

Today with technological advancements, brand owners have also come to offer TVs at various price levels. Now, you can get a TV with more features, functionality, and styling than ever before, and still fit well within your budget.

  • Bigger TV, Same Space

In earlier times, TVs used to have huge side, top, and bottom bezels on them, while the actual display used to be at least 5 to 9 inches smaller than the entire TV. Today’s Televisions actually come with an edge to edge display, which means that you can actually fit a bigger TV in the same space as your old TV, and make it look like a piece of ART!!

  • Better Resolutions

The market recently got flooded with 4K Technology, with a lifelike display, 4K is actually becoming the go-to display option in the world as it has 4 times the pixel (roughly 8 million) than an FHD display does (roughly 2 million). This means that it can fit 4 FHD TVs’ worth of clarity in a similar space. The best part? These cost the same as their FHD counterparts.

  • Better Immersion in Content

With better colour profiles, HDR 10 standards of display and better-controlled backlighting in TVs, the overall level of immersion in content has become superbly higher. Add to that the latest addition of 60 Hz and higher refresh rates on TVs, the overall immersion increases even more. It is all about a clear and comfortable viewing experience.

  • Because TVs are Smart now

Nobody would have thought that Smart TVs will ever be a thing. It sounded like science fiction ever since it started to become a reality. However, now, Smart TVs have captured the market in a manner that only tells us how welcomed a concept this is in India. Beginning from streaming videos to mobile connectivity, Smart TVs are redefining how we take in our favourite form of entertainment.