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In the past decade, the thought of managing your home’s televisions, lights, and security systems via smart phone would have been like a futuristic idea. But 2018 changed the ideology. Undoubtedly, technology in this segment is on an upward growth trajectory. The coming years hold even more promise for the smart home industry, as devices are adapting artificial intelligence that helps them become more advanced.


Taking under consideration the transition that has occurred for the last few years, it is easier to predict the innovations ahead of us. For instance, the traditional home security has shifted to the use of more sophisticated devices. The traditional alarms and keys are now outdated because new and advanced integrated security systems have been created. We have also seen modern homes with automated doors that can be locked and opened remotely with a few taps on a smartphone. In addition to the new security systems, there are smart lighting systems and energy meters that allow a homeowner to control energy usage remotely.


Smart home technology is also growing in the television screens, which indicates that the smart technology is already integrated on the entertainment sector. It is possible for people to enjoy the benefits of all streaming services right from a TV screen. One can search for information or even shop items online, courtesy of the Internet of Things (IoT). As the smart technology continues to grow day by day, currently we control our homes through voice commands. Devices with voice-activated features are already much in trend, and can be operated from the home and remotely. The sensors are able to hear voice commands and take actions immediately. For instance, you say “I want to sleep,” the lights will dim and the audio player stops.


In sync with the smart technologies, very recently, Daiwa, committed to bring the latest technology to India at budgeted prices, announced India’s first affordable 4K smart TV, D55UVC6N, and D50UVC6N a new standard of high definition that raises the viewing bar higher than ever. Hosting a multitude of innovative features, the newest TV is the source of endless entertainment and refinement at a never seen before price. The magic of cinema is directly brought to the living room with the new 4K TV from the house of Daiwa that features a screen resolution of 3840×2160 and A+ grade panel that brings 1.07 billion colors and incredibly vivid detail. Extending the boundaries of innovation, the 4K TV comes with screen capture, comb filter, and picture enhancement feature that enhance the picture quality. The 4K smart TV, with the Android support brings the simplest TV interface that optimizes to bring an effortless and seamless experience, with several pre-loaded entertainment apps. Additionally, the 1 GB RAM, improves the performance and buffering of TV while watching and streaming online and 8 GB storage helps in downloading more apps on the TV. With the latest Daiwa launch, we have the web play remote with QWERTY keypad and is convenient for a smart TV and regular TV as it provides easy typing and a mouse that moves with your hands.


Currently, the biggest challenge faced by smart home technology is integration. If the television taught us anything, it is that people hate dealing with several remote controls. The same can be said for smart homes, the consumers do not want to have multiple key phrases or multiple apps; they want seamless integration with one user interface – in other words, maximum convenience. Unfortunately, smart home environments are increasingly on the radar of hackers as a growing number of consumers embrace these devices in their homes. The industry needs to make a note of the threats along with the several opportunities.


To summarize, some of these things might still sound far-fetched? But we must remember that a decade ago, few of us could have imagined being attached to several modern technologies such as smartphones, smart watches, and smart TV. We feel with time, even the strangest and farfetched things can become reality.


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