165cm (65”)
4K-HDR Smart TV

165cm (65”)
4K-HDR Smart TV

Engulfing Visuals

Billion colours, endless experience. Watch all your favorite music videos, movies and tv shows with our premium image processing technology that brings to you vivid colours with realistic touch and detailing. Experience all the actions and thrills at its best.

Experience The Real picture

HDR Vision

HDR VISION is the new talk of the town powered by HDR X, the latest technology in campus of TV viewing experience. This advance technology optimizes every scene, every frame and every pixel to give you rich colours, superior contrast and in-depth detailing. with is sider range of luminit brightness and luminit contrast, you get feel the picture the way it was meant to be.

Wide Colour Gamut

Wide color gamut is another step towards more realistic TV. The Quantam Luminit display fused with WCG, enhances the reds, greens and blues, providing you with more of an impact on-screen than the resolution increase. Now you can enjoy richer, more life like colors than you're ever seen on a TV.

Feel Every Beat

The Built-In Soundbar audio technology ensures that you get to experience an immersive surround effect with every sound the TV produces. The sound processing is powered with Boosted Tweeters and Enhanced Bass feature.

Smart TV, Smarter Life! Now enjoy the world of Android in a bigger and smarter canvas. This is your gateway to limitless apps, videos, music, sports, news, series and other online content. With smart apps like NetFlix, Hotstar and Youtube, you get access to unlimited content and entertainment varying across numerous genres.

Web Play Remote

A TV Remote

This Web Play Remote is designed to use your
with ease. It is simple, intutive and works with your natural instincts.
Its a remote with dual functionality.
Run your Smart TV from the comfort of your couch!


The TV's smart and intelligent processor makes browsing and switching a uber-smooth task. it has been powered with 1 GB RAM to enhance the performance of the TV that lets you download and install apps in just a simple click.

Redefinging Visuals

Now watch a full spectrum of colour come into live with Daiwa technology. Enjoy 4 times more than the resolution of a standard Full HD Screen with accurate detailing and true colours. Million pixels of colours get together to create an everlasting impact to your visual senses.

A Smart way to enjoy
the Smart Apps

Watch your favourite show with endless entertainment

Stylish and Slim Bezel

The stylish finish and the uniquely crafted ultra-slim bezel enhances the beauty of your walls. it has been designed impressively for a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

View The
Real Colours

The next generation of picture quality is here. Daiwa ground-breaking technology gives you ultimate picture quality by combining stunning details, spectaculer colours and striking contrast. The result is lifelike visuals with more real skin tonality.

Al Powered by Sensy
Smart and Intelligent

Now create a wall of moments as you view content from your SA-top Box. From recently watched to upcoming movies, your favourite tv shows to the beat dropping music videos, everything gets displayed on your Smart TV with your very own Sensy TV guide App.

Whats more?

Sensy App, gets you to use your voice to command your tv through your Smart phone, and gives you the ease of using a single remore to control your Smart Tv and Set Top Box.

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