Date : 31 Jul 2020 Posted By : Daiwa

Hearing ‘What a crisp white shirt you are wearing’, washes away all the painstaking washing, drying, ironing of the shirt, doesn’t it? Time is the best teacher, and while most of us have our own pre-set style and idea over how to best use our washing machine, there are certain mythhs which have come to set in our mind, through what we have heard around or perhaps Cautioned with!!!

Its time, to switch our thinking about the washing machines from “Oh don’t ever do that’ to “I wish I knew that earlier, I would have always done it right”!!

This blog is an attempt at trying to clear out some of the more common myths associated with our washing machines in the house.


Common Washing Machine Myths Debunked

  • Never Fill The Washer Completely with Clothes!!

We have all heard, never fill your washing machines with a heap of your clothes, it is time to see, that its not the heap that matters, but the in-built load capacity of the machine that is the game changer. While it is true that overloading a machine is hazardous, the concept of overloading is different from load to load and from machine to machine. Even with the washer full, the machine may still not be at the maximum load capacity. As long as you are within the safe limits, you can fill the machine to the top, but remember to leave your clothes some room to breathe!!!

  • More Detergent = Better Cleaning

Excess of everything is bad!! The most common myth in the world of laundry is that more detergent directly leads to better cleaning. On the Contrary, the truth is that use of detergent in excess can lead to more foam which then leads to more residue, and more deposits on the inside of the machine. This can damage the machine’s components, causing a break-down or in some cases foul order.

  • Immediately wash Stained Clothes in Washing Machine

Wait Wait, what’s the rush for, it’s a Machine not a Lemon… Often we have heard, that one should immediately machine wash any stained clothings with the complete pile of clothes, while this may be a good habit, but has no direct relation with the cleaning output of the Machine. This is because a washing machine will never be able to single out stained clothing from the lot, to provide specific deep cleaning. Pre-treating a stain and then hitting the cycle wash button, is a better way to get your clothes looking as good as new.

  • Temperature of water is Insignificant

Warm water has many benefits, not only for our physical health, but also for the health and life of our clothes. Due to the natural quality of warm water to act as a disinfectant, it is also benefitial in treating stains. But like how they say, all fingers arent alike, always read the Washing Instructions on your pair of clothing, before you give it a good spin.

  • Nothing Can Get Stuck in Washing Machine

While you are right in thinking that washing machine is watertight equipment, you are wrong in assuming that anything mistakenly left in your pockets cannot harm your machine. A coin or two in your pants’ pocket can do more harm than you can imagine. They can get stuck in outlet pumps, while also having the potential of damaging the drums. So Stop Check and Spin!!

  • Washing Machines Do Not Need Care and Maintenance (unless there is something wrong)

Regular care never hurt anyone, then why leave out the Machine. A serviced machine is always an efficient machine!

Hopefully, this blog addressed some of the common misconceptions we have been living with for years together, and let you undertsand your machine a little better!!

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