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The TV market has changed drastically; both in terms of technology and price. New types of screens with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels and ultra-high definition (UHD, or 4K) have emerged replacing the 1080p standard we’ve become used to. The Indian Smart TV market is ready to develop on the rear of expanded Internet entrance with the rise of OTT utilization. Likewise, the market will consider development to be India’s attempt to purchase more ‘Made in India’ TVs, validating with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of turning into an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’

We live in an age where a television on the wall can do more than just play content from the set-top box. TVs have become smarter with the ability to connect to the internet, play content from streaming services without the need of connecting to an external device, and also have voice control capabilities. The built-in Alexa is the smart way to access your favourite shows and movies by just using Voice Command. The feature can also be used to access weather updates, check Cricket scores, set alarms and reminders and control Smart Home appliances, too.
Quite amazing, isn’t it?

The most widely used television screen technology is LED/LCD with LED backlighting. This allows the size of the Tv to be slimmer and sport thin bezels around the screen, offering an expansive viewing experience. It is significantly more energy-efficient making it a favoured screen form.

For a very long time, HD and full HD was the standard, and still is the most common resolution in TVs around the world. However, Daiwa understands the need for an upgrade and is now increasingly producing Ultra HD TVs with four times more pixels as compared to an HDTV. This led to improved display quality making it much better than other televisions in the price segment. If good picture quality is not coupled with fine sound quality- the whole viewing experience becomes bland. This is the reason why we have tuned our speakers to produce a quality sound output to match those highs and lows of your content. Buying an external soundbar because your TVs sound is low is a thing of the past. The support of dbx-tv’s audio enhancement technology provides soundbar-like surround sound from the built-in speakers.

Daiwa LED TVs come with the added benefit of crystal clear detailing- including sharper and clearer text. As a result, images appear brighter, richer, and more lively. Just as mobile phones have evolved as smartphones, the concept of smart TV is now the thing of today. Just like smart features of the smartphone like the internet connectivity and access to apps make them smart, a smart television is no different. A smart Tv is capable to connect with the internet and retrieve content therefrom, without the need of an external device like the set-top box, USB drive, streaming dongle, or Blu Ray Player.

Daiwa TVs have an in-built internet browser that allows users to surf through the internet on television itself. Daiwa Tv uses smart operating systems and overlays for their televisions that support different apps and services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar etc., specifically designed for ease of navigation with a standard Tv remote. With so much content on offer, we have packed Daiwa TVs with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM for a fast and snappy experience and ample storage.

With superb picture quality, Daiwa TVs are packed with features. Besides having an excellent colour gamut for HDR content, they have excellent gradient handling and a substantial brightness of 450 Nits. These are enough to make highlights pop for a true HDR experience. Not only do they have outstanding reflection handling for your well-lit rooms, but Daiwa’s high image accuracy also ensures a great viewing experience at 178 degrees viewing angle.

Every Daiwa TV comes with industry-leading picture quality and a standout Android platform with regular OTA updates. Daiwa’s Big Wall comes with over 2500000+ hours of content with the integration of apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Zee5 and several others. Our TVs also come with Cinema and Cricket picture mode to provide you with a larger than life experience while you are viewing your favourite content. And, if all of this seems a bit too much to navigate through, we also have the voice functionality feature, so you can easily find and play the movie or show you were looking for.

Daiwa is committed to making true landmark televisions- combining amazing picture quality, premium built-in audio system, and fast processors. All of these features, and more, at unbelievable prices. Be it wall-mounted or on a stand, Daiwa’s minimalist design approach helps it go with any ambience. With smart features at an unbeatable price, Daiwa takes a leap in the TV industry. From quality experience to premium design- Daiwa delivers them all.
A smart TV for the smart generation- Daiwa is all that you need to bring home.
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